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Getting the Most from Your Massage

May 13th, 2014 • Posted by The Pampering Place Day Spa • Permalink

You've decided to treat yourself to a massage, and you're looking forward to a relaxing session. Whether you've opted for a gentle Swedish massage or a vigorous massage, our massage therapist will do everything possible to provide you with the best massage. However, you can enhance your experience by following a few steps both before and after your appointment.

Before Your Massage

Allow plenty of time to get to your appointment. If you arrive rushed and anxious you might not be able to relax properly. Don't eat for at least 90 minutes before your appointment to minimize possible discomfort. However, you should drink plenty of water beginning 48 hours before your massage appointment to flush out toxins from your muscles. This is especially important if you've scheduled a deep tissue massage. Having well hydrated muscles reduces the chance that your massage will leave you sore.

During Your Massage

Unless you are scheduled for a chair massage, you will need to disrobe at least partially. You will be allowed to undress privately and cover strategic areas of your body with a sheet before our massage therapist begins working on you. If you're worried about a less than perfectly toned body, don't. Your massage therapist is professionally trained and will not judge your appearance.

Don't try too hard to relax. Instead, clear your mind and focus on breathing exercises. Take slow, deep breaths. As you inhale and exhale, your body functions should naturally slow down, allowing your muscles to relax.

Let the massage therapist know if there are areas on your body that are especially sensitive, or if you're dealing with an injury. If you experience pain at any point, speak up right away. Your massage therapist should alter his or her strokes or stop working on that area of your body.

After Your Massage

Don't hop up from the massage table right away after your massage. Jolting yourself from the deep relaxed state a massage produces can result in dizziness. If possible, take time after your massage to relax, perhaps with a warm bath. Eat a light dinner and drink plenty of water to enhance the process of flushing out the contaminants released from your tissues by the massage.

The benefits of massage accumulate. As you complete more sessions you may experience an increased sense of well being - not to mention a boost in your looks. You may even decide to add massage to your list of self-care routines, and book a standing appointment with your favorite massage therapist.

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