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Mom Deserves Pampering

April 18th, 2014 • Posted by The Pampering Place Day Spa • Permalink

Your mom takes care of everyone else in the family, and maybe even has a "real" job in addition to all the duties she handles at home. This Mother's Day, why not allow her to relax while someone else takes care of her for a change? In addition to flowers, a card or breakfast in bed, give mom the gift of a full day of well -deserved pampering to let her know how much she's appreciated.

Head to Toe


Chances are, even on her days off your mother is in constant motion. A massage gives her the opportunity to decompress and forget about child care duties, housework, her job or the leaky radiator in her car. A soothing Swedish massage can provide much needed overall relaxation, while a deep tissue massage can ease away soreness in her muscles and stiffness in her joints. 

Complexion Perfection

Of course your mom is beautiful, but that doesn't mean she wouldn't appreciate a rejuvenating facial treatment along with her massage. In addition to stimulating the circulation in her skin, a facial provides a gentle massage for your mom's face, and just feels great. Whether she has dry skin, sensitive skin or oily skin, our esthetician can apply a masque that is perfect for her complexion. An exfoliating scrub can ease the look of fine lines, as well as rid the skin on your mom's face of dead skin cells, oil and debris that can dull her complexion and trigger breakouts of adult acne

Hands and Feet

Your mother probably spends hours on her feet every day. Whether she's dealing with housework, finishing an urgent report for work or tending to her garden, her hands also work hard every day. A mani pedi combo can put a spring back in your Mom's step and give her hard working hands some long overdue spoiling. If your mom is traditional, she can go with a clear polish or just a light buff finish. If she's a bit more daring, she can opt for a vibrant color to show off her hands or her feet -- or both.

We're the experts when it comes to pampering. Call us at and schedule a couple hours for Mom.  We'll tailor our treatments to her unique needs, and when we're done, your mom will emerge relaxed, renewed, and ready to enjoy a special Mother's Day dinner.

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